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  • This privacy policy forms is a part of our Website’s Terms of Service for Playing Rummy Online, by accepting the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy on the registration page, you consent to provide sensitive personal data or any other kind of personal information and are aware of the purpose of sharing such information.
  • Kindly read this Privacy Policy carefully before using any services provided by our platform. Please do not register if you do not wish to share the mandatory or any other kind of personal information with us which are requested at the time of registration. Since the personal information is mandatory and is asked at the time of registration, it is not possible to Play Rummy Online on our platform without going through the process of registration.
  • Please note that all non-optional fields are required to be completed and your registration shall not be complete until information sought in the non-optional field is provided. Registration procedure cannot be completed until information in the non-optional fields is provided.
  • Many other kind of personal information may be requested by our platform for permitting your access to any Cash Based Games organized by our platform.

1. What is the Privacy Policy About?

  • PlayRummy respects your privacy and assures you that any information provided by you is protected and adheres to all Policies and the applicable laws. In order to get access to the services offered on (hereinafter referred to as the "Website/App"), certain information needs to be provided to us.
  • This Policy outlines the procedure followed by Play Rummy to gather, use, store and manage users' personal data. Collection of personal data is only for the purpose of verifying user accounts, maintaining the accounts of users, completing transactions initiated by users and for analyzing user behavior to fulfill the needed requirements. We aim to protect users data with transparency, accuracy and confidentiality.

2. What is included in personal data?



  • We understand the importance of privacy of our customers and our mission is to provide the Best Online Rummy Games and build a strong relationship with our users.
  • Our team of Best and Professional Technicians has made a very Secure and Safe Platform to Play Rummy Online anytime and anywhere.
  • Our platform assures you that any information provided by our users to us is protected and will be dealt with according to this Policy and the Applicable Laws.
  • It is very important for all the users who are interested in Playing Rummy Online to share all the necessary information asked at the time of registration.
  • Without this procedure, our users are not allowed to get any kind of access to Play Rummy.
  • We assure you that all your data are in safe hands.
  • Our team is best when it comes to secure all the personal data of our customers. This Privacy Policy outlines the procedure followed by our platform to gather, use, and store as well as to manage user’s personal information and all the other kind of data.
  • Here we use advanced security to safeguard all your information against loss, misuse and theft. Our team of technicians perform constant checks on our data storage facilities to regulate, improve as well as to update our security measures.
  • We collects all the personal information of our user in order to verify the user account, maintaining the accounts of the users, completing transaction of the users and for analyzing user behaviour as well as requirements.


  • Our platform needs to collect all the kind of Personal Information mentioned below of our customer in order to get access to Play Rummy Online and complete the process of registration:
  • Confidential Personal Information
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email Address
  • Mobile/Telephone Number
  • Address Proof
  • PAN Number
  • IP address user of computer.
  • Current location while you are Live.
  • May be your photograph
  • Active and current Location while Live on App.
  • All of the above information is required by our platform from the users in order to take care of all the Privacy Policy of the website. All the above things help us to make sure that the user is real and genuine and is only here to Play Rummy Online.
  • ation
  • All the customers of our platform consent to the use of sensitive personal data and other personal information for the purpose stated in this policy. Access to all the information is restricted and is only shared with those who need to know such information in order to process, operate or resolve information on company’s behalf. Our platform restricts access of personal information to our employees, contractors, and agents. We only allow access for all that information in order to process it.
  • Users are allowed to withdraw all the consent to the use to their Personal Information by emailing us on our mail provided by the website. Withdrawal of consent to use all or any part of Sensitive Personal Data or any other kind of personal information may result in immediate withdrawal of any right provided to the customer to use the services provided by our platform of Playing Rummy Online. Withdrawal of contest shall not restrict the right of our platform to use Other Personal Information for analysis of user data, subject to the condition that the Other Personal Information used in any analysis is not personally identifiable to any individual user.
  • Sometimes, photographs are provided by you for marketing purposes gives our platform irrevocable rights to use it and it is completely our platform’s discretion to delete or not use it any further. Our platform may also use software applications for website traffic analysis and in order to gather statistics, which are commonly used for advertising purpose and to determine the efficacy as well as the popularity of our platform and many other such kind of purposes.


  • Our platform is only for those who are 18 or more than 18 years old. According to our Privacy Policy, age group really matters for playing such money based games online and such games are not for those people whose age are below 18. If you are under 18 years of age, you will not be permitted to play any game online for money.


  • We take considerate security measures to protect user’s information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. Such kind of measures includes internal mapping of our data collection, storage as well as processing practices.
  • All the information provided by the users is very safe and secured by our Best Technicians. When our customer register to Play Rummy, the account is protected with login information, including a username as well as a password, to make sure that it is the same customer’s information or login id. We request you to not to provide any kind of Personal Information to anyone whosever.


  • Our platform confirms that this Privacy Policy is only a description of its operating regarding user information. This Policy is not intended to and does not create any kind of legal rights in your favour or in the favour of any other person. The liability of our Secured Platform shall be limited to removal of sensitive personal data from the system of the websites and removal of personally identifiable elements of the Other Personal Information.

3. Exclusions

Sharing all the Personal Information and Other Personal Information is very necessary to Play Rummy Games Online on our platform because:

  • It helps to comply with legal processes or governmental requests
  • It helps to enforce its terms of service and this privacy policy
  • It helps to prevent fraud
  • It helps in issues involving information security
  • It helps to protect your rights, right of our platform and also rights of the general public

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